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Accelerating growth with GTM teams.

The team you build is the company you build. With Expnd you can scale your GTM team without breaking the bank.

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Portrait one of the founder of Expnd the SAAS GTM recruitment agency
Portrait one of the founder of Expnd the SAAS GTM recruitment agency

Our philosophy

The recruitment agency model hasn't been working like it should for the past few years.

Spray and pray & a commission hungry recruiter on the hunt to get his interview quotas is not the way to go.

That's why our approach differs. We take on a limited amount of clients at any given time (5 to be exact) with a narrow focus on sales and marketing for tech scale and start-ups. 

This allows us, not just to fill in vacancies faster but send zero unqualified candidates in the proces and actually be an asset to your growth instead of a liability. 

Our focus

A deliberate focus, both on market segment (tech/ SaaS) and the talent we look for.

Whether you're using the SDR/AE playbook or a "full stack" AE doing both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel work, we've got it covered.


Looking to build your brand with a content or growth marketeer? Or looking for leads to fill your funnel with a performance marketeer? We're here.


*Because we only work with 5 active clients, our spots are limited. 

Join the waitlist*

Let's take your SaaS to the next level with a GTM player.

High priority due to limit of 5 active clients

Experienced recruiters with proven track records of 92.6% 12 month retention

12 month guarantee

Set prices, no shady calculations after placements

Extensive network of GTM candidates

Hiring support and advice

Full profile on all candidates (personality & role-specific)

Our promise is simple, we'll get you the right GTM player, faster and with less hassle.

With a 92.6% 12 month retention rate over the last years we know we can get the match right. 

With Expnd we take this to the next level by not only getting it right but getting it right, faster. 

Our offer

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